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Fine Line Granite Countertops and Installations

Customer Service

We believe in treating people well, and we stand behind our work. Quite simply, if something is wrong, we make it right. Bridging the gap between excellence in service and product is what we do. Outsourcing our manufacturing gives us the ability to focus on you, and your clients. Taking the time to inform your clients about the process and product of natural stone is what we are here for, and we hope to become a seamless extension of the service that you take care in providing.


With over ten years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and skill to deliver a well crafted countertop. Working together with the finest manufacturing facilities in the city, we bring you the widest range of stone and industry leading technology. Having the inside experience templating for major granite companies in Calgary empowered us to adapt our technology to work with only the best. We’ve done the research for you.


We can template within 1-2 days notice, and have your countetops installed 1-3 weeks from the time of template, with the least amount of inconvenience.


Pioneering both Laser and Digital templating is what has given us our great reputation in accuracy. We have mastered the art of precision measures. Our manufacturing facilities are always Leading the way in CNC and WaterJet technology. We don’t cut corners, and your stone is cut right the first time.

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