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What To Expect

Before We Get Started

We ask that you review this statement of our policies as part of your order with Fine Line. Being an informed customer is an important part of the countertop process.

Lay Flat

To eliminate stress on the corners, cutouts and seams the countertops must lie flat. All cabinets must be permanently secured to the walls and to the floor.


Sinks, faucets, soap pumps, cook tops, dishwashers and refrigerators all need to be on site for the day of template.We will not be able to template your job if these items are not present. Changes in specifications will not be accepted after the template is complete.

A Time of Measure

Please confirm all details of your new countertop with our templater. All items should be removed from the countertops and adjacent walls. Please allow 1-2 hours for the template of an average job.

Trip charges

Once a template or install date has been scheduled, if the site is not ready a trip charge will be assessed.

The Total

Your initial Quote is an estimate based on the provided dimensions. The final price will be determined after the template has been completed, and edge & color have been confirmed.


(If you have requested Fine Line to remove existing countertops) This includes removal of your tops, and hauling of the debris from the jobsite for disposal. Removal of countertops may result in wall damage. Please plan your new splash to cover this. Usually a tear out and the installation can happen on the same day. This will be evaluated on the day of template.

The Big Day

Fine Line installers will be moving heavy materials, and working with Potentially dangerous tools. Please avoid the direct work area, and provide unobstructed access when possible. Unless you have contracted us to do so, old countertops should be removed prior to installers arriving. Sinks and or cook tops should also be disconnected. After installation, we will clean the immediate surface areas and leave the job site in a broom swept Condition.

Final Note

Final wall preparation (i.e. painting, wall papering etc.) should not be completed Prior to installation if at all possible. We always exercise care when installing however, Scrapes, punctures or digs to wall surfaces are possible, as are scratches and scrapes to cabinetry. These items are considered incidental damage and are your responsibility to repair. In most cases, cabinets can be easily repaired with a cabinet touch up kit.

Open Book Policy

We here at Fine Line understand the value of being informed. We pride ourselves on our great reputation for our craftsmanship and accuracy, and we also take care to invite our customers to understand the process of this construction. We open the door to any questions or concerns that you may have, and welcome the opportunity to serve you better.

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