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Granite and Stone Countertops - Calgary, Alberta

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Our Story

A lot of past experience in granite, installations and countertops

Fine Line founders Matthew Pressey and Paul Johnston blend creativity and strategy when working with each and every client. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, and having worked directly in the field of manufacturing, templating, autoCAD and installation on a first hand basis they have the knowledge and hands on expertise to address each and every aspect of stone surface applications.

A kitchen cabinet installer for the local granite shop

Matthew got his start in the industry as a kitchen cabinet installer, and combined this understanding with his education in graphic design and autoCAD mastery when he became a draftsman for a local granite shop. He quickly graduated to supervising the manufacturing facility as well as integrating state of the art digital technology into the templating and manufacturing process.

Fine art carpentry and design is a good stepping stone

Paulís portfolio boasts a vast array of trades, and an invaluable understanding of the construction industry. The ability to understand capacity and limitations of each design allow him to serve his clients admirably. Finish carpentry is a fine art in precision, and his reliability in this skill have forged relationships that are ever lasting.

Fine Line Digital Templating

Together Matthew and Paul started Fine Line Digital Templating. Calgaryís largest granite manufacturing facilities outsourced their templating needs to them as they pioneered a state of the art digital template system. The success of this company was inevitable and gave them the opportunity to learn and grow slowly. Relationships among peers, maturity in the industry and mastery of skill gave rise to Fine Line Granite.

The innovation, of outsourcing manufacturing in the stone industry allows Fine Line the freedom to focus on the needs of its clients, and have ownership involvement in each and every project that they take care of. Fine Line caters like a small company can, and manufactures like a large company affords to.

Advertising plays a minimal role in generating new business for Matt and Paul, and this is something in which they take great pride. The highest compliments paid are personal referrals, and along side ongoing business relationships, these referrals play an integral role in sustaining the flow of new clientele for Fine Line.

The highest standards set by architects, furniture and interior designers

A love and respect for the art of Design inspires the team at Fine Line to constantly evolve with, meet and exceed the highest standards set by architects, furniture and interior designers. No project is beyond the capacity of Fine Line Granite.

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