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Know Your Stone


Quartz is an engineered stone that is manufactured world wide using a technology that combines natural quartz, sand and resins. The result is a stone surface that is durable, and can stand up to the most demanding conditions without sacrificing its sheer beauty and elegance. It is the newest and greatest stone surface on todayís market. Quartz has made a huge breakthrough in the past few years, and all the magazines and designers are promoting it as the latest maintenance free stone. Due to itís completely non-porous surface, this is true and you never have to reseal it.


  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Stain Resistant
  • Safe for food preparation
  • Color consistency


  • Scratches are more visible
  • Burns easier than granite or marble


Granite rocks are igneous rocks, which were formed by slowly cooling pockets of magma that were trapped beneath the earthís surface. The natural beauty both in origin and undeniable aesthetic make a work of art in its own. It can be considered a limited edition, because there is a finite supply in any given quarry.


  • Natural variances
  • Resistant to burning
  • Extremely Scratch resistant


  • More susceptible to chipping
  • Needs to be resealed every 1-2 years (simple process)
  • More susceptible to staining

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