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Caring For Your Stone

Keep Your Natural Stone Clean

Avoid exposing your stone to strong chemicals such as paint removers, oven cleaners, acidic juices, oils etc. If contact occurs, flush well with water. For everyday cleaning, simply use mild soap and water. You may also use a natural stone cleaner, although it is not necessary. Never use vinegar, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, window cleaners etc. These chemicals will remove the sealer, and render your stone susceptible to staining.

Seal with Granite Shield It

To ensure a good barrier against staining, we seal your countertop once it is installed. Stone is porous and liquid spills such as perfume, toothpaste, oils etc can penetrate the surface and cause unwanted staining. We highly recommend that you use coasters under drinks, and that you blot up spills immediately after they occur.

Sealing and Resealing the Granite and Stone Surface

The sealer we’ve applied at installation will protect your countertops. You will not need to reseal your countertops for some time, as long as you have avoided any irritants mentioned above. In a year, you may want to try a simple test to see if your counter needs resealing. To do this, place a small amount of water on the surface of your counter. Leave it for twenty minutes and then check to see if the water is still resting, or if it has been absorbed into the stone. If the water has absorbed, you will need to reseal the surface as per the instructions on the chosen sealer.

The Strength of Natural Stone is Undeniable

Although the strength of natural stone in undeniable, it can be scratched. To avoid this, we recommend using a cutting board. Technically granite is harder than a common knife, and at the very least you will simply dull your knives.

Extreme Heat Can Cause Granite and Natural Stones to Crack

When removing hot pots/pans from the dishwasher or out of the oven use a trivet/mat. The rapid change in temperature can cause the stone to crack. Furthermore, extreme heat can react with resin, to discolor the stone.

Pressure on Granite Counters

Do not kneel or stand on granite counters under any circumstance. Some areas can break under the stress of added weight.

Granite Countertops are Durable

Granite remains one of the most durable surfaces on the market. These are simply a few precautions to keep in mind, to ensure that your countertops maintain their natural beauty for many years to come.

Thanks for Choosing Fine Line Granite

Thank you for choosing FINE LINE GRANITE for your project. We welcome any feedback that you have about your experience with us, and look forward to hearing from you. Please send us a line:

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